Norbut Versus The World, A Musical Introduction

Norbut Versus The World, a name we hope will become well known and loved here at Crash Raw Media. The newest member of the team, Norbut, has made himself at home, helped himself to the fridge and found his desk. A call had been logged with IT to setup a new user, unfortunately the initial setup was for one Robin Victor De World, we’re not sure who that is so we had to get them to start over. Eventually we got Norbut set up on the network, we had set some space aside for his picture collection but had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. After adding an extra few terabytes to the server Norbut looked happy but we were dismayed when he announced that’s his listening collection copied over now for the big stuff.

As part of Norbut’s introduction CrashRawMedia have two music video’s for your viewing pleasure. As a form of ‘And now here’s something we prepared earlier’ these tracksĀ  – including the video clip – were finished earlier this year. Entirely written and produced by Norbut, this is his extensive talent’s on display. These tracks along with others are also available on ReverbNation, check out Norbut’s entire catalog for your enjoyment.

The Glitch. Street art plays center stage for Norbut’s first track The Glitch. The video for the track includes many pieces of street art that have caught Norbut’s eye in the last year. The electro beat stays up-tempo while the street art intrigues.

All members of theĀ  Crash team seem to have at least one super power, yours truly – BB – I have the ability to disappear by sitting completely still for days at time, the Crash and his side-kick Telegram Sam can appear anywhere anytime and proceed to get photo’s while being expelled. Norbut as it turns out has a magic back-pack. Norbut’s back pack houses a little magic, what looks like an ordinary back mounted storage device is in fact a studio in a bag. Containing a mini netbook for it’s USB’s more than anything – apparently -, Yamaha 8 channel mixing desk, short M-Audio 2 octave keyboard, analogue synths and the very portable and always cool commodore 64 synth the Machinedrum Elektron. Mind you he will never let you peer inside his back pack, he always seemed to know when we were trying to sneak a peek. The only thing Norbut didn’t keep in the back pack was an extra 6 power point sockets to plug everything into.

Music isn’t Norbut’s only talent either, Norbut’s bow has many strings, most often 6. Photography and documenting Street Art have been a constant source of fascination and pleasure over the last decade. Having already tread the footpaths in Melbourne finding the latest art, getting to know the names and the people behind the art works Norbut is our connection to the street. With an appreciation for the risk, the temporary nature of street art this is a labor of love for Norbut, constantly capturing the moment. Here at Crash we hope to give him anther avenue to document this constantly change artistic landscape.

We Come In Peace. We come in Peace is an experimentation in electronica, dark and brooding, the track will have you tapping your toes and looking over your shoulder. Has the invasion begun?

So from the team at Crash Raw Media and the rest of the virtual world join us in welcoming Norbut versus The World, make yourself at home brother and by the way has anyone seen my lunch?

For more Norbut visit Norbut on ReverbNation

Buddha’s Brother out…

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